Pay off debt faster,
without thinking
about it.

Use spare change from everyday transactions to make an extra payment towards your debt, every month.

How Qoins Works

Qoins makes it easy to pay off debt, it’s pretty simple.
Here is how it works:

Rounding Up

Qoins sets aside spare change or extra cash as you go about your day with Round-Ups


Qoins will determine and save anywhere between $.50 – $5.00 every few days, to contribute towards your debt.

Set Money Aside

We’ll withdraw your spare change throughout the month in $5.00+ increments.

Pay Off Debt

Watch your debt disappear as we automatically make an extra payment at the end of each month.

Benefit With Qoins

Not to brag, our customers love us! Here’s just a few reasons why.

Bank-level encryption

Qoins uses industry-standard
encryption and doesn’t store
your banking information.

Improved Credit Score

When you pay off your debt faster,
you raise that credit score. We help
raise the bar on your credit score!

Payment guarantee

If we ever run into an issue with your lender, we’ll always make sure it’s refunded back to you!

Pay Off Debt 10x Faster

With a snap of your fingers we’re on our way
to eliminating your debt faster than before.
We’re always here to help!

Qoins Pricing

Whenever Qoins sends out a payment to your lender, we deduct a flat convenience fee of $1.99 off the top.

No confusing percentages or fees. Oh and the best part about it… your first payment is always FREE!

  • Total Saved $62.00
  • Convenience Fee $1.99
  • Total Payment $60.01
  • Destination Credit Card


Convenience Fee

Savings Are Happening Everywhere

We’re helping users get rid of debt faster from
all over the United States..


We despise debt as much as you do. As we like to say, “F*** Debt”

What people are saying about Qoins

This app has been amazing. Using the change from my purchases towards my debt is genius. I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own.



iOS User

This app is helping us pay off debt with our change and I love it! It’s paying off debt quickly! Great app and great customer service!



Google Play User

works well and you can tell the developers continue to support it. Props to them!



iOS User